A Local Maritime Poem

A Local Maritime Poem

On 07 June 2018 / by Carl Randle

This is a fantastic poem written by Michael McCarthy about the RMS Mauretania built in 1906. The RMS Mauretania was an Ocean Liner  and was the worlds largest ship when built! 

RMS Mauretania – 1906

Ye’ve heard o’ that ‘Blue Riband’ fer the trans – Atlantic route,
Fer the fastest ocean crossin’, it’s a prize wuh were withoot.
‘Coz them Jormans had the liners that ahll had wuh beat fer speed,
So, the bosses up at Cunard realised there was a need,
Te design a soopah vessel, somethin’ nivvah seen before,
So thuh spoke te Geordie Hunter, on this busy North-east shore.
He knew that just te build this ship the yard must be a big’un,
So he merged the Wahllsend Slipway in with Richardson and Wigham.
Thuh demolished ahll the dry docks, and thuh laid doon two new slips,
Which provided fer the future o’ ahll Tyneside’s greatest ships.
The work progressed te build the shed, though not withoot some hitches,
An’ when complete it woz the length o’ seven footbahll pitches.
At last that mighty keel woz laid, the build woz two years long,
The launch drew croods from ahll aroond, a massive, cheerin' throng.
So shuh travelled doon that slipway, an’ launched oot inta the Tyne,
The world’s new largest liner, run by Parson’s steam turbine.
A giant o' hor class, shuh stretched seven hundred feet,
From stem to stern, a thoroughbred, hor pedigree complete.
Forst class accommodation, where nee detail was spared,
Wi’ catering an’ services wi’ best hotels compared.
An’ when the fittin’ oot began, wi’ luxury so fine,
The wood was carved by master tradesmen, brought from Palestine.
Soon after hor forst crossin’, on hor way back from the States,
Shuh broke the eastbound record, noo the westbound still awaits.
It took two years te complete it, te win that Riband back,
Shuh held it then fer twenty years, true leader o’ the pack. 
O’ ahll great ships built on the Tyne, hor fame spread far an’ wide,
An’ still teday wuh think o’ hor wi’ pleasin’ Geordie pride.
The Mauretania , fastest ship, the biggest in hor class,
Us Geordies claim hor for wor own, a proppa Tyneside lass.

By Michael McCarthy