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On 13 September 2016 / by Paul Pringle

Solarglide has built a reputation as a blinds giant in the Cruise and Commercial maritime markets and they are now making waves in the naval and military sectors too. Following the completion of a large Dutch Navy vessel (solar screens and blackout screens), a series of Italian navy crafts and ongoing patrol boats for the French Coastguard they have been selected by the US navy for a purpose built expeditionary vessel.

With aircraft and helicopters landing and operating within the nearby vicinity – it’s important that the military crew are protected not only from sunshine but also from the bright lights of flying military craft. Crafts landing at night can be blinding to the crew stationed onboard the vessel below – so it’s important to keep windows covered at times of importance.

SG GLIDER solar screens protect the crew operating on the bridge – preventing eye damage, reducing glare and heat and increasing security by obstructing vision from the outside looking in.  They are very discreet and make a huge difference to the crews productivity and wellbeing.

SG LUNAGLIDER blackout screens are 100% blackout, so crew can sleep in the knowledge that they won’t be woken up or temporarily blinded by the helicopters and flying craft. They are also an essential product for crew members who work night shifts and need to rest or sleep during the day time hoursThe purpose built Expeditionary vessel has opted for SG GLIDER solar screens to protect crew during mine-sweeping, special operations, and other expeditionary missions.

‘Bespoke solutions are Solarglide’s forte – and hats off to our production and design teams for finding workable solutions to window problems that are not often considered at time of build.’ – Paul Pringle (Managing Director)