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Adhesive Films

SG Window Films are a quick and cost e ective way to combat daily problems often experienced through glass, at sea. Safety anti fragmentation lms are used to make glass safer and to increase vessel security. Solar lm and anti fade lms are used for protection against prolonged glare and heat from the sun. We also offer specialist lms that provide privacy and prevent condensation.

SG Window Films are available by the roll, by the metre or supplied precut to the exact shape and size of a window. All lms are pressure sensitive with an acrylic glue that activates when water is applied. The majority of our lms are for internal installation; however external lms are also available upon request. 

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Also Known As

  • Antifragmentation film
  • Security film
  • Anti mist film
  • Combination film
  • Adhesive solar film
  • Mylar window film
  • Safety film
  • Anti piracy film
  • Demist film
  • Uv protection film
  • Multipurpose film
  • UV Protection Film

Adhesive Films


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Main Benefits of SG Window Films

Adhesive Films
SG Safety Film
SG SAFETY film is an important part of your piracy prevention plan, especially if your vessels travel through dangerous international waters. The adhesive layer of film strengthens the glass significantly, creating an invisible safety barrier in the event of breakage or an explosion. SG SAFETY marine film also prevents access through window openings, offering invaluable time to alert authorities and get crew to safety in the event of an impending or current emergency.

Apply internal and external safety film for maximum window protection.

Adhesive Films
Solar Film
SG SOLAR film is particularly effective on vessels that operate in tropical climates; once installed the film reflects away both heat and glare while also providing clear visibility for crew and passengers. SG SOLAR marine film reduces cooling costs by easing the load on air conditioning units.

Adhesive Films
SG Combi Film
SG COMBI film offers a dual-purpose film combining the anti-fragmentation qualities of SG SAFETY film and the attributes of the SG SOLAR film.

Adhesive Films
SG Anti Fade Film
SG ANTI FADE is a specialist film which eliminates 99.5% of UV radiation, preventing soft-furnishings and fabrics from fading during extreme solar conditions. It also protects vital navigational equipment from overheating, preventing unwanted maintenance costs.

Adhesive Films
SG Anti Fog Film
Fogged glass can be very dangerous for both vessel and crew when navigating at sea. With constant changes in temperatures, condensation can build up on the inside of windows, hindering visibility and creating a damp interior space. If left, condensation can produce black mould which can lead to throat and lung issues for your crew. SG ANTI FOG film eliminates interior condensation and prevents the need for costly interior heating systems while also protecting your crew from preventable illnesses.

Adhesive Films
SG Blackout Film
SG BLACKOUT film ensures complete privacy for vessel windows blocking out all visible light transmission and rejecting up to 99% of solar energy. SG BLACKOUT marine film for ships is ideal for storage rooms and restricted areas where complete privacy is necessary. This includes onboard cinema rooms and bridge bulkhead windows.

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Adhesive Films Testimonial
Adhesive Films Testimonial
Adhesive Films Testimonial

"We have applied SG Safety Film to lower deck windows in recent vessel upgrades, ensuring that they are as protected as they can be when sailing through dangerous waters."

Safety Fleet Officer

Adhesive Films Testimonial
Adhesive Films Testimonial

"SG Solarfilm has been a great addition to our vessel, the passengers have benefited from a cooler interior while still being able to enjoy the views outside."

UK Ferry Operator
Adhesive Films Testimonial